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MD2020-CU Fire Detection Central Unit

MD2020-CU is a Fire Alarm Central Unit designed for addressable fire detection systems. The unit complies with EN54-2 and EN54-4 standards and can operate in two configurations: Centralized Systems with detectors connected in loops to a single central unit, and Distributed Systems with detectors connected on electrical lines (Branch) between two central units.

Key features of the MD2020-CU include a processor-controlled design, the ability to connect up to 20 loops and 40 branches, communication between control units and addressable devices via the MD2 protocol, and the capability to interconnect up to 50 control units. The central unit can detect and report system anomalies and manage branch control collaboratively with another central unit.

Additionally, the MD2020-CU provides various output options, including 5 standard relay outputs, 2 monitored 24 VDC outputs for external alarms, 4 programmable relays and 14 static outputs with programmable functions. The central unit has an operator interface with a 10.1″ color LCD display, touch screen, and keypad for system control and monitoring.

Overall, the MD2020-CU is a sophisticated fire alarm control unit designed to meet industry standards and provide advanced features for efficient fire detection and alarm management in both centralized and distributed configurations.


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