For over 40  years Microdata Due has been developing Fire Detection Systems (FDS) for ships, mainly for cruise and navy market. Our solutions are tailored to different type of ships, all based on a common hardware and software platform.

The first fire detection system was developed in 1974 when Microdata Due became leading supplier for Italian Navy.  In 2000 the new analogue addressable fire detection system was developed and the growth of Microdata Due in cruise market starts.

In the last ten years, our fire detection system became the top choice for owner companies and shipyards.

Main Features

• Simple Installation and Commissioning

• Modular design

• In house design of a complete range of central units and detectors

• Redundancy

• Low life cycle costs. Reduced maintanance

• Safe Return to Port compliant

• EN-54 compliant

• Type approved by the major certtification societies

Microdata Due FDS is analogue and addressable, all components are EN-54 compliant and approved by the main certification societies. It is based on distributed architecture, where different central units are connected by redundant ethernet network to ensure fast and reliable communication among the system.

The system can be installed in traditional (loop), Safe return to port (branch) or mixed (loop/branch) configuration.

Traditional – Loop Configuration

Safe Return to Port – Branch Configuration

The system is designed mainly for the installation in the marine market.

Special alghoritms avoid the generation of false alarm condition and guarantee the best performances in terms of detection and comunication speed. For these reasons the system is normally used to directly activate the Fire Fighting System.

A complete range of central units and detectors are available and can fully meet the requirements of the marine market with a special focus on cruise and navy sectors.

External systems can be interfaced: Fire Doors monitoring and control, Ventilation and Extraction systems, Fire Fighting systems, Automation, Traffic Lights, Optical and Acoustic Devices, Public Address and General Alarm Systems.

The system is protected against loop/branch breaks and short circuit conditions by specific isolators. These devices do not require any additional loop/branch address and can be mounted as built in component in any field devices manufactured by Microdata Due connected to system.

Microdata Due fire detection system is fully integrated with Martec SMCS (Safety Monitoring e Control System). SMCS is a supervisor system interfacing all the Safety Systems onboard the vessel and coordinating the activities among them. Its main features are:

  • Collecting data from Safety Systems and sending commands to them.
  • Display the status of the monitored elements by a vector based graphical interaface.
  • Trigger safety actions according to a global safety strategy.
  • Activate preplanned actions.
  • Suggest best procedure to fight the emergency.

Due to its modular design, the same system is used in different market sectors:

NAVY SEGMENT – more than 100 ships.

CRUISE SEGMENT – starting from 2005, in ten years Microdata Due Fire Detection System has gained a significant market share.

MEGA YACHT SEGMENT – The system is customized to fit the needs of the interior designers.

CARGO SEGMENT – Simple use and easy maintenance



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