Microdata Due Detectors MD990, MD 9901 and MD9902 are connected to the loop/branch by the baseplate.

It contains two terminal block used for LOOP IN and LOOP OUT connection and to drive an external optical/acoustic device.

The detector base can be supplied with a line protection circuit (named short circuit isolator or SCI) to protect the loop against short circuit. This electronic circuit acts by opening the loop/branch, when the current consumption is higher than a predefined threshold. In this way it allows the two remaining sections of the loop/branch to operate normally.

Microdata Due fire detection system has no limit about the number of the short circuit isolator installed and no specific address for it is requested. In the most installations every baseplate is equipped by a SCI. In this way no devices is lost in case of loop/branch short circuit.

All the typicall installation cases are covered by the right combination of detectors and baseplates.


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